cookies policy

What is a cookie?
The Cookie File is a small piece of information posted on the user's computer by the site.
Webpages do not have memory. If you browse different pages on the site, you will not be recognized as the same user on different pages. Thanks to the cookie-files the site recognizes your browser. Therefore, cookie files are mainly used to remember your choice, for example, the language of communication or the currency you select. Also, thanks to cookie files, the site will be able to recognize you at subsequent visits.
ReligionPeace Travel uses the following cookies
We use technical cookies to display our site, work without errors, to create your user account so that you can log in to your account and to manage your bookings. These technical cookie files are essential for a site to be sure of the job.
We use functional cookies to remember your preferences and help you use our site in an optimal and efficient way, for example, by storing your chosen currency and language, your search history, and the items you have previously viewed. These functional cookie files are not essential for our site, but they add functionality to you as a user, making the site more user-friendly.
We use analytic cookies to find out how visitors use the site to find out what works and what's not to optimize and improve the website and make sure it meets the needs of our users. We collect information about which pages you visited, from which pages you went to and from which you left the site, what type of platform you used, the site's date and time of use, the number of mouse clicks on a particular page, about traffic your cursor and scrolling as well as the search words and the text you type when you use our website.
We use commercial cookies to show you ReligionPeace Travel advertisements on other sites. This is called "retrieval" - in this case, you will be shown ads about the directions that you were looking for and about the viewed placement objects.
We use several types of cookies with a different term. You can delete all cookies from your browser at any time by using the appropriate function of your browser.
ReligionPeace Travel uses the services of trusted and reputable online advertising and marketing companies. ReligionPeace Travel can also use third-party services for analytical purposes. To provide their services, these companies need to place cookies.
The activities of the service providers we work with are aimed at creating consumer awareness and implementing responsible business procedures and standards for data processing.
How can I customize my cookie settings?
With your browser settings (like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) you can choose which cookies to accept and which ones to reject. The placement of the settings depends on the brand of your browser. Use the "Help" / "Help" function in your browser to find the necessary settings.
If you decide to opt out of certain cookie files, some features of our website may not be available. Also, please note that refusing to receive an ad from a particular vendor does not mean that you will no longer receive online advertising or will not be exposed to online advertising as well as marketing analysis. Refusal means that the supplier from whom you have opted out of advertising will no longer place ads based on your web preference and the features of using the website.
Web beacons
In addition to cookie files, ReligionPeace Travel sometimes uses web beacons. A web beacon is a pixel microscopic image that gets to your computer via HTML messages or as part of a web page request. We use these pixels directly or through our service providers as part of online advertising on our site or on third-party sites to see if the reservation is made by the user who saw the online advertising to track the conversion on partner sites and analyze the peculiarities of the user's traffic - all this from to improve the quality of the services offered on our website.