Protestantism in Lviv 15/08/2019

Lviv is a majestic and beautiful city where almost every street can see a religious architectural masterpiece. But it is often the case that there is not enough time to get acquainted with all the architectural ensembles. Our city sightseeing tours will help you to build the perfect excursion to see and enjoy the main sights of Lviv.

Protestants in Lviv are the third largest group of Christians after Catholicism and Orthodoxy. It has no main headquarters but is divided into several denominations and many denominations. In Lviv, a large part of religious buildings are in different denominations, and the Protestants themselves number about 5,000. The representatives are engaged not only in religious activity but also in active volunteer work, which you will learn about below.

More recently, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation was celebrated at the state level in Ukraine, one of the major events that provoked the emergence of the Protestant Church many centuries ago in Europe.

Seventh-day Adventist Church

The most important church of the Protestant movement in Lviv is the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which previously had many appointments. For example, in the beginning, it was a temple of orders of Franciscans and Capuchins, then a prison, a military warehouse, and even a children's boarding school during the Soviet Union. When the Seventh-day Adventists received the temple, they changed its appearance, got rid of the excesses, icons, murals, and traces of Roman Catholic culture.

Adventists promote healthy lifestyles, both spiritual and physical well-being. In addition to religious activities, they are involved in volunteer work: helping the poor and needy, preparing meals for the needy, organizing children's, adult and family meetings. Also, representatives of this religious organization pay special attention to children's spiritual teaching and spend a lot of time with the baby.

Evangelical Baptist Church of the Transfiguration

Protestants marvel at their kindness, and another example of this is the Transfiguration Church of Evangelical Baptist Christians. The temple was built several years ago by a parishioner and is intended to serve and assist street children, children from poor or disadvantaged backgrounds. Bible studies, community prayers, private ensembles, and children's mugs are held here. Also, the Protestants of this temple pay a great deal of attention to the care of the homeless, prepare dinners, collect clothing and household items for the needy, and clean the streets.

Volunteer work

In Lviv, Protestants are actively involved not only in the religious life of the city, but also in its social component. They believe that working together can create good living conditions and enrich spiritual knowledge in the process.

As volunteers, believers take on the following responsibilities: humanitarian assistance, financial aid for orphanages and boarding schools, promoting healthy lifestyles among local people, psychological help for alcoholics and drug addicts, organizing summer camps, and more. Not surprisingly, the number of Protestants in Lviv and Western Ukraine is increasing.

Protestant Lviv - very interesting, it inspires with its generosity and faith. If you are going on a religious tour of Lviv, be sure to visit the main sights of Protestantism in this amazing old city.