Orthodox in Lviv 15/08/2019

A religious tour is a fascinating opportunity to visit the main and most famous spiritual shrines in the world, enrich yourself with spiritual knowledge, and spend time with a religious family. During the pilgrimage tour, you will be able to visit the most significant temples of the city, feel its medieval atmosphere, and enjoy all the possibilities of religious tourism.

Not surprisingly, most Ukrainians practice Orthodoxy, but mostly in the center and in the eastern part. Despite this, Lviv is famous for its beautiful Orthodox churches, which are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Travel with us around Lviv and you will see the religious places that have been read so much in the guides. The pilgrimage tour will open up large horizons in front of you, allowing you not only to view the main temples and churches, but also to plunge headlong into the world of spiritual harmony of the old city.

Church of St. George the Victorious

The first and main Orthodox church in Lviv, St. George the Victorious Church, is the only church in the city belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. As far back as 1708, when most believers embraced Greek Catholicism, there was no Orthodox church in Lviv, and worship was held in homes. The temple, which is not typical for Galician religious architecture, was built in the early 20th century and combines Romanesque and Byzantine styles. The church has a magnificent interior made by Lviv and Viennese masters.

This majestic orthodox temple is the main destination of the orthodox pilgrimage tourism in Lviv.

Church of the Assumption

The pearl of Orthodox religious architecture The Assumption Church is one of the main attractions of Lviv. The Assumption Church is a brilliant creation of the Ukrainian Renaissance, to which the main role of the ideological center of Ukrainian Orthodoxy is given. The townspeople are especially proud of its majestic tower, which reaches 66 meters in height. During the whole time, the Assumption Church has suffered a fire several times, but the caring parishioners managed to restore its former appearance.

The Assumption Church should be part of your unforgettable pilgrimage tour. After all, you can spend the night in this place and socialize with your religious brothers as part of your trip.

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