Catholicism in Lviv 15/08/2019

The undoubted tourist destination and the most important aspect of the cultural and historical heritage of Lviv are its churches and temples. This old amazing city has always been the center of spiritual life in West Ukraine.

Lviv is a great place for spiritual enrichment. The city is rich in Catholic and Orthodox churches, Protestant churches and synagogues, located mainly within the historical center of the city, protected by UNESCO.

Lviv is beautiful, because it is unusually rich in various types of churches - strict Gothic Catholic churches, openwork baroque Orthodox churches, restrained churches of classical realism, and others.

Among other things, Lviv has a compact location of Catholic temples, which allows to organize unique one-day pilgrimage tours. Religious tour operators and agencies make up amazing routes in the center of Lviv that will guide tourists through the most important Christian destinations of the city. Below you can read about each Catholic object in more detail.

St. George Cathedral

A feature of Lviv Catholicism is the predominance of Greek Catholics, who belong to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Perhaps, the most significant and famous Greek Catholic church is the St. George Cathedral, built in 1744-1764. It is a prime example of a mix of Baroque architecture and Rococo aesthetics.

Church of St. Olga and Elizabeth

The next temple, which is undoubtedly worth visiting within the religious tour, is the church of St. Olga and Elizabeth. This temple is the pearl of Catholic neo-Gothic architecture. You can find it near the main train station. It is difficult not to notice it - this is the highest religious building in Lviv (85 meters), built in 1903-1911.

Latin cathedral

The center of the Roman Catholic Church in Lviv is the Latin Cathedral, located in the heart of the city. The only Gothic cathedral of Lviv was built in 1360-1479. Inside the building you can see the famous original antique stained glass windows. When traveling with your religious community on a pilgrimage tour, do not forget to visit the Latin Cathedral - the only cathedral in Ukraine that has the status of a "small basilica".

Lviv has always been famous for the beauty of its temples, a variety of styles, and monuments of religious architecture, which are mandatory on your pilgrimage route, the capital of western Ukraine.

A tour of the churches of Lviv together with representatives of your religion - isn’t it wonderful? After all, all Catholic churches of the old city are not only centers of spiritual life, but also a large proportion of its cultural life, a full-fledged architectural ensemble. It will become an unforgettable part of your amazing faith tour in Lviv.